Study-J Students Management Page

Want to take time-off.

  • ■You can take time-off on a monthly basis starting the 1st day of the month.
  • ■Please contact us from “students management page” by 10th of the month before you intend to take time-off. We will put a hold for the next possible payment on your account.
  • ■You can’t take any lesson during time-off period.
  • ■If you want to resume your lessons, please contact us from “students management page” by 20th of the month before you intend to resume your lessons, and put monthly fee into your bank account. We will email you and let you know the start of your lesson when we confirm the lesson fee is debited.
  • ■Please note that the same instructor may not be available. Lesson day and time may be also have to be changed.
  • ■The maximum time-off period is 3 months. If there is no contact from you in 3 months, we consider that you have terminated your lessons. In that case, fees already paid for untaken lessons will not be refunded.
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