Why don’t I do well on tests even though

I can speak Japanese?

Did you know?

The vocabulary used in classrooms is very different! For example…


“Parallel lines cross other lines at the same angle. “ (Elementary Grade 5 Math).


“Digestion refers to the process by which food that is ingested is broken down into nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body.” (Grade 6 Science).

The vocabulary used in classrooms is completely different from that in everyday life.

Even if you have learned to converse in Japanese, it does not mean that you can understand the lessons.

Understanding Japanese language used on tests will definitely help you raise your grades!

What is Study-J
Study-J provides personalized online instruction for foreign students attending Japanese elementary, middle, and high schools. Students can learn Japanese and other school subjects over Skype.

No Entry Fees or other Administrative fees! Monthly payment only.

Personalized lessons by bilingual instructors are affordable when they are offered online! No entry fees, other administrative fees, or bank transfer fees*. Interpreting and translating services are offered during lesson. This is a great value!

Once a Week Plan


including tax

4 lessons / a month
50min. / lesson

Twice a Week Plan


including tax

4 lessons / a month
50min. / lesson

Trial Lesson Now Available

The lesson for just ¥1,100!

(including tax)

Try them out in English.

Try full-length lesson for just ¥1,100 !(including tax) Ask your teacher for advice on subjects you find difficult, your future goals, and any other issues in English.

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How to Start Japanese Lesson


Ask us any questions in English about our service.

Private Bilingual Teacher

  • We Support Your School Life!

    As well as providing learning support, we also offer help with everyday needs, including homework and making preparations for what is needed at school.

  • Instructions by Personal Teacher

    Our personal teachers are able to assess each individual’s level, best learning conditions, and objectives so that students can smoothly learn what they need to know.

  • 50-minute One-on-one Lessons

    A dedicated personal teacher for 50 minutes! Students can ask anything they do not understand until they feel confident.

  • Good for Beginners!

    Bilingual teachers with many years of experience in teaching will support you in your native language!

One-on-One Lessons

A dedicated personal teacher for 50 minutes. Lessons will be customized to your level and goals.

We can accommodate to individual needs and requests such as…

This is my first time learning Japanese. I cannot speak it or read it…

As our bilingual teachers can explain in your language, there is no need to worry even if your children are learning Japanese for the first time! The teachers use a whiteboard to teach the students how to write characters with the correct order of strokes.

I don’t feel confident speaking in front of the class…

  • Prepare what you would like to say in your native language.
  • Work with the teacher to prepare the content in Japanese
  • Practice your speech

Practice with your teacher over and over, and you will be able to speak in front of the class with confidence!

The vocabulary in the text books is too difficult and I cannot keep up with the class!

Bilingual teachers can put hiragana or alphabets on kanji characters so that students can study Japanese and other subjects smoothly. We can explain any Japanese words and phrases that the students do not know in their native language. This helps them understand straight away, allowing them to participate in school classes as well!

We also offer: English Lessons, Adult Japanese Lessons, Qualification Test Strategy Lessons and more. Please inquire for more information.

Actual Textbooks and Japanese Learning Materials

We provide support for learning with school text books!

  • Practice reading Kokugo Textbook aloud
  • Solve math word problems
  • Read and Write Kanji

and more…

We can use actual primary and junior high school textbooks used in Japan!
We can use actual primary and junior high school textbooks used in Japan!

Understanding school text books makes studying much more fun!

* Please purchase your own textbooks (available on Amazon, etc.) We can also work with other textbooks of your choice. Please ask us for more information when applying.

Japanese learning materials recommended by our highly experienced staff

The “Nihongo wo Manabo” Series!

This series comes with government-approved Japanese language materials for foreign children. The series has many illustrations to help children learn the vocabulary, content, and sentence patterns needed for their classes in Japanese, math, science, and social studies, as well as daily school life.
  1. Basic Japanese necessary for class
  2. Study materials for early elementary school
  3. Study materials from late elementary to middle school

“Kanji Daisuki!” (middle school and up)

The Kanji Daisuki series comes with kanji study materials for children learning Japanese. The books are full of color illustrations and large text to teach the Japanese needed for understanding courses taught in Japanese. The series has two volumes: 1) Japanese and Math, and 2) Science and Social Studies.

“Nihongo Kentei”

The Nihongo Kentei tests the student’s Japanese to determine the appropriate grade level in a Japanese school. The test checks the student’s current Japanese language understanding and also functions as a guide for the next level to aim for.

“Kanji Dowa (Kanji Fables)”

These are kanji learning materials for children studying Japanese. Enjoy studying Kanji at each grade level while reading fun stories.

Take Lessons Anywhere over Skype

We use Skype, the online communication software most widely used around the world. Students can take lessons using sound and images almost as if they were physically in front of the teacher. Students also learn characters and writings using whiteboards and messages on a chat box.

At home

No need to go out to classes in the evening.


My Japanese won’t get rusty!

Skype is a free video chat service you can use anywhere with an internet connection. Go here for details

Families can Share Lessons

Lessons can be shared with siblings and parents. You can take lessons together, or divide the time and number of lessons as you wish.

One lesson between two people

Two people together for 50 minutes *Joint lessons allowed for up to two people or Divide one lesson (50 minutes) into two sessions (25 minutes each) and two people take lessons in turn.

Divide the number of monthly lessons among the family

4 lessons per month: 3 lessons for the child 1 lesson for the mother

We Support Guardians, Too!

Bilingual Support

Bilingual teachers can support the students’ guardians during lesson time.

Translation of School Documents

We can help fill in school documents to submit in Japanese or translate notifications from school.

Help Your Communication with Schools

We can help guardians to communicate smoothly with the teachers at school.

  1. (1) Use your native language to say what you want to say to your school teacher.
  2. (2) Ask your Study-J teacher to translate the message and you can record it on your mobile phone!
  3. (3) Later on, you can show the school teacher the recorded message.
  4. We can translate messages from the school teachers too!

Japanese Lessons for Guardians

Mothers and fathers also want to learn Japanese! Study-J can also accommodate this request. We can provide lessons for a wide range of needs: from learning daily Japanese conversation to obtaining official qualifications. Get great value by sharing lessons with your family members.