One-on-One Japanese Lessons over Skype!

Study-J スタディジェイ


As the lessons are online, our personalized lessons by bilingual teachers can be offered at a low price! No entry fees or other administrative fees are needed.
Interpreting and translating services are available during the lesson. This is a great value!

Trial Lessons


1 lesson
50min. /lesson

Once a Week Plan


4 lessons /a month
50min. /lesson

Twice a Week Plan


8 lessons /a month
50min. /lesson
Additional lessons 6,000 yen for 2 lessons
We offer additional lessons to students.
Additional lessons let you increase the number of lessons or extend your lesson time temporarily.
Additional lessons are valid until the end of the following month.
  • Above prices do not include consumption tax.
  • We use direct deposit from a savings account at Japan Post Bank.
    If you wish to use other payment methods, please consult with us.k
  • Fees for textbooks are not included.
  • Please have a PC or a tablet device, an internet connection, Skype, webcam and headset ready.
  • We may not be able to meet your requirements depending on the language, days of the week and time range.