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Study-J スタディジェイ

Trial lesson

We will fully support your children so they can enjoy studying and playing at school!


What is a “trial lesson”?

When you apply for the trial lesson, you will be able to take 50-minute lesson. These will be carried out in the same style as regular lessons. Lessons can even be done using a smartphone or tablet device. 50-minutes of the trial lesson includes the time of communication environment check and the guidance of the regular classes

What is a “trial lesson”?
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Opiniones de los estudiantes

During our once a week lesson, I use the camera to show my Study-J teacher notices and the teacher-parent notebook on webcam and ask her to translate. Understanding school events beforehand reduces the risks of forgetting special items our son needs to take to school, and we also understand how our child is doing at school a lot better. There was one day, my Study-J teacher translated a school note saying that we needed to bring an empty box and chopsticks for an art class. We had to rush to get them, but I felt so happy when I saw how proud my son was when he came home with his finished artwork.

Tokyo: Mother with a son in 4th grade

When I needed to tell my daughter’s teacher something about her health, I used my cellphone to record a video of the Study-J teacher saying what I wanted to communicate, and then showed it to the school teacher the next day. Even though I don’t speak Japanese at all, I don’t feel worried about having my child go to school every day because this service helps me communicate with my child’s teacher a lot better.

Gifu: Mother with a daughter in 5th grade

When I have Kokugo homework from school that I don’t understand, I can show it to my Study-J teacher using the webcam and get them to translate it for me. She also makes it easy to understand how to write Kanji because they use a whiteboard to write it so I can see the correct stroke order. I used to be really bad at Kokugo, but now it’s my favorite subject!

Aichi: Female student in 6th grade

Because I don’t understand Japanese, I was always bored in class, but the Study-J teacher helped me by teaching me how to read the questions in my math textbooks and translating the word problems. I was really happy because I can understand the class when it’s in English. I was good at math in my home country, so when I understood what the sentences meant and how to answer in Japanese, the classes at school became more fun, too.

Kanagawa: Male student in 5th grade

I can talk to the teacher about anything, no matter how small my question is! They helped me with not just my studies, but also when I wanted to know about school life here or about differences between my home country and Japan – the kind of things you don’t pick up just by going to school. Recently I asked my teacher’s advice when I had a fight with my Japanese friends, and thanks to what she told me, I managed to make up with my friends!

Chiba: Female student in 6th grade

How to Start Your Lessons

You can fill out the form in English! First, apply for the trial lesson.

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Our Teachers

English 英語


Ms. Akaishi 赤石先生

Let’s study Japanese together! It will give you confidence and you will have more fun in school and with friends!

日本語を一緒に勉強しましょう。自信がついて 学校生活がもっと楽しくなりますよ。

中文 中国語

三岛老师 三島先生



português ポルトガル語


Profa.FURUSE 古瀬先生

Muito prazer! Aprender outra língua é muito difícil mas divertido! Como eu consegui aprender português no Brasil,voce também vai conseguir aqui no Japão! Eu quero te ajudar.Vamos estudar comigo!!

ブラジルに7年間住んでいました。ポルトガル語はとてもむずかしかったですが、がんばって勉強しました! 言葉を覚えると、毎日の生活が楽しくなります。いっしょに少しずつがんばりましょうね。



Profesora ITO 伊藤先生

Hola amigos! Aprender japonés parece muy difícil al principio. Pero cuando consigues te hace más feliz y divertido. ¡Juntos todo es posible!

スペイン語が殆ど話せないままマドリードへ移住し、その後12年間暮らしました。 言葉が通じないと大変ですよね。でも話せるようになると、学校生活は一気に楽しくなります。一緒に頑張りましょうね!

How to Prepare for Trial Lessons

Please make sure you have the following:

  1. 1Skype etc. skype  
  2. 2Webcam Webcam
  3. 3Headset (or microphone/speakers) Headset
  • The use of PC or tablet device is recommended, but you can also use your smartphone to take trial lesson. (For regular lessons, please use a PC or a tablet device.) If using a smart phone, lesson content will vary slightly from regular lessons.
  • Lessons will include check-up of Skype communication environment, as well as information about regular classes. Therefore, we kindly request that a parent should be present for the trial lessons.

What isWhat is “Skype”??

Skype is a free service that makes it possible for users to talk to other Skype users anywhere in the world for free, using the internet. Skype has been widely praised for the high sound quality of its calls, which are often clearer than normal phones.

> Click here to download Skype now


Preparing to use Skype

  1. STEP1Prepare your headset and webcam

    Please prepare a regular PC headset (or microphone/speakers) and webcam. If you don’t have these items, you can buy them from Amazon. *Tablet devices are pre-built with these devices included, so you don’t need to prepare them separately. Using a headset will make the sound clearer.
  2. STEP2Download Skype

    ou can download Skype from the Skype downloads page.
  3. STEP3Install Skype

    Double click on the installation file that you downloaded from the Skype website. Please follow the instructions that appear on screen.
  4. STEP4Try out Skype’s features

    Fill out your profile and conduct a voice test call.
Webcam Headset skype